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With Arresti VPN™, you can safeguard your online privacy and security with cutting-edge encryption technology and access services that may be restricted in your region by connecting to our high-speed servers all around the world.





Enjoy The Most Reliable VPN

We believe online experience should be enjoyable, which is why we have engineered Arresti VPN unlike any other, to give you a fast, reliable and secure internet connection. 

Private and Secure


Protect your online privacy and security with Arresti VPN™ cutting-edge encryption technology, IP address masking and log-free policy.

Fast and Stable Connection


Enjoy browsing, streaming and downloading with fast and stable connection wherever you go.

Access Online Services Worldwide


Enjoy global access to online services that may be unavailable in your region through Arresti VPN™ gateways.

Global Coverage


Arresti VPN™ servers all around the world provide you with the fastest and most reliable global connectivity. Discover the world with Arresti VPN™ from wherever you are.

Device Coverage


Safeguard your online privacy and security on all your devices comfortably with Arresti VPN™. Arresti VPN™ apps are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android so you can enjoy the best VPN experience possible.







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Tailored Solutions

Our Residental IP Proxy and Self Managed service are suitable for a range of needs.

Our Value Commitment

Our policy to ensure customer satisfaction is honesty. That’s why we’re transparent about our global coverage, especially for countries with moderate to high internet censorship which actively may block VPN services. Thankfully, due to Arresti VPN™’s existing innovative engineering capabilities and expansion plans, our coverage and reliable service are becoming increasingly available in highly censored countries where people need a VPN the most.

Fault Free Service 

We turned to Arresti after being frustrated and disappointed by other VPN providers, their services were constantly closing down or crashing on us. Since switching to Arresti we have been Skype-ing and FaceTime-ing with our family all around the world. For the first time we now have a fault free service, it has been an absolute lifesaver.


United Arab Emirates

Fast & Reliable 

Having spent several years in Dubai being frustrated with many leading VPN services, Arresti is the only one that actually works properly all the time. Other services may connect and appear to work, but either have slow download speeds or high latency. Arresti gives the fastest experience and speeds – way faster than any others, and believe me I’ve tried them all!
Great service that just simply works.



Dedicated & Stable Service

I have been using Arresti VPN for just under a year now. The stability of the servers is amazing. It provides the fastest speeds of any VPN service available on the market (and I’ve tried most of them) which allows you to keep in touch with family using Skype or WhatsApp with no buffering delays. Arresti provides a dedicated customer service and they are always there when I have any queries.



The Best VPN Service

I just want to quickly say how good it has been to have had Arresti as our family VPN. Without doubt, the best VPN service we have had access to whilst in the Middle East. My family and I want to thank you for assisting us with our requirements – it has helped us have full communications with our families overseas. It has worked very well for us and knowing that we can continue to us it while we move country has also been a great relief. Once again, thanks for your support and personal attention.

Anton & Karen

United Arab Emirates

Good Speed & Customer Support

I have been using Arresti VPN for slightly over a year. Although just a sporadic user (switching it on only if needed), I was always happy with the availability and the speed provided. No downtime during my using periods and a quick customer support. The speed is stable and good enough to stream TV or movies easily.


United Arab Emirates