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Fast VPN Service

Created and Designed in the UAE to work from the UAE
Worldwide VPN Access
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Fast, Secure, Realiable

Global Locations

Access VPN Services whilst travelling World Wide
Stay secure abroad
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Starts at
$9.95 /mo

Connect With Your Family Back Home

Unblock the world

Access services that may be blocked in your country of residence
and connect with people around the world
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why Choose

Arresti VPN

Protect Your Privacy

Our log free prolicy protects your privacy. We only store your logon details.

Surf Securely

World class 256 Bit Encryption, ensures that you data is secure.

High Speed Access

We provide the fastest VPN access from locations such as the Middle East.

Stream Video

Stream video from overseas services such as BBC iplayer and IP TV services.

Available On All Devices

Available on Iphone, Android Windows PC OSX, Linux and even some smart TV's.

Engineered Unlike Any Other

Split Multitunnel technology and local access proxy servers allows access from behind Goverment Firewalls.

Global Access

Access our service world wide, from Hotels, bars and resturants.

Skype and Whatsapp

Access blocked services such as Skype and Whatsapp calling.

24/7 Support

We are here to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week, your happiness is our priority.


A VPN Works

A virtual Private Network, encrypts your internet connection between your device and a VPN server. Your computer's Internet address appears to be that of the VPN server.

Access services which may be blocked in your location and browse securely and safely.

Supports OpenVPN available on

Our Prices

$9.9 / month
  • Pricing Goes Here
  • Most Flexible Plan
  • Up to 10 Devices
  • Cancel or Upgrade anytime
  • 24/7 Full Support
  • *Price in USD
  • 6 Monthly
    $9.9/ month
    • Pricing Goes Here
    • 15% Discount
    • Up to 10 Devices
    • Change plan anytime
    • 24/7 Full Support
  • *Price in USD
  • Annual
    $11.9 / month
    • Pricing Goes Here
    • 25% Discount
    • Up to 10 Devices
    • Change plans anytime
    • 24/7 Full Support
  • *Price in USD


    Why choose Arresti VPN?

    Simple to Use

    Industry Standard OpenVpn configuration

    Works on all devices

    Works on all devices, PC, Iphone, Ipad, Android, Mac OS, Linux, routers and even Smart TV's

    Fast VPN

    High Speed Ultra reliable VPN which works from countries like the UAE

    24/7 Customer Support

    We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer support, powered by FreshDesk.

    Security & Privacy

    Cyber Security

    Public Wi-Fi hotspots like those in airports, cafes and parks are common hunting grounds for cybercriminals.

    Encrypt your Connection

    Using Arresti VPN on your devices stops hackers in their tracks.

    Maintain your privacy

    Without a VPN, your emails and browsing history are monitored. Your ISP and Telco can see and read all emails going to and from your connection

    Global Access

    VPN Gateways World Wide

    Access our services through VPN gateways world wide

    Connect Home

    Place your IP address back home, get access to media and IPTV like you never left

    Unblock Services

    Get access to Skype, WhatsApp calling and other services that may be blocked in your region
    Best offer $9.95* /month

    Need a
    Quality VPN?

    • Global Access
    • High Speed
    • Low Latency
    • Reliable Support
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