Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Information

What is a VPN and how does it work?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It encrypts your online data and creates a secure virtual tunnel between your devices and the Internet. When you connect to the internet through a VPN, your IP address will also be hidden and instead, it will appear as the IP address of the secure server of your choice. That way, your Internet Service Provider, government agencies, hackers or any preying internet eyes would not be able to see your real IP address and physical location or trace your online activity back to you. Because you can freely choose the secure server in your VPN network around the world, you can also gain more internet freedom to access global content or online services that are otherwise unavailable to you, due to location-based Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), censorship or geo-restriction.

Why do I need a VPN?

You need a VPN to safeguard your internet connection and online activity from cybercriminals who are preying on your data, browsing history, banking information, account passwords and other private information, especially when connecting to a public Wi-Fi. By using a VPN, you will not only mask your IP address, but your data will also be encrypted, so scrambled that no one would be able to decipher or trace it back to you. VPN will also ensure your privacy against your Internet Service Provider, apps and online services you use, and government agencies, who all have been confronted for customer data collection and misuse.

What makes Arresti VPN™ the most reliable VPN?

Engineered with expertise, we built Arresti VPN™ for top-notch internet privacy and security, so you can browse, stream, download or access your favourite online services with a peace of mind, knowing your identity and data stay safe. Using split multi-tunnel technology and local access proxy servers, you can enjoy the fastest and most reliable VPN connection wherever you go. But don’t just take our words for it, see why our customers love Arresti VPN™.

Does Arresti VPN™ work well in highly censored countries or regions?

Arresti VPN™ is a reliable VPN service in highly censored countries where we have expanded to and launched our service, UAE being the first. Being originally developed in UAE, inspired from the expatriate need to stay connected with home, we understand the importance of connection, privacy, security and reliability when entering countries or regions with unfamiliar laws and regulations. These have driven us to innovate a VPN service that our customers can rely on all the time.

How does Arresti VPN™ manage the security of customer data?

With cutting-edge 256-bit encryption technology, you can rest assured that your data is safeguarded and no one can decipher, track or hack your data. You can also stay safe while using public Wi-Fi. On top of that, we also have a strict log-free policy. None of your activity or connection data is or will be stored in our system, ever.

Will using Arresti VPN™ change my browsing or streaming experience?

You may experience a slower internet connection when you’re connected to a server that’s thousands of miles away from where you’re located. However, the difference is often negligible and this is common in VPN usage.

On the other hand, if your Internet Service Provider is regularly throttling on your internet connection when you’re accessing some types of content or services, using Arresti VPN™ can actually speed up your internet connection by hiding your online activities from them. Furthermore, your browsing or streaming experience will be enhanced because now you know that your identity and data stay safe from preying cybercriminals and third parties.

Where can I find Arresti VPN™ server list?
Arresti VPN™ has servers all around the world and you can easily find our server list here.
How do I find the best server for me?

The rule of thumb is to choose the closest server to your physical location. When you want to access something specific to another country, choose the server located in that country (the one closest to you if there are multiple servers in that country). Same applies when you want to access services that are unavailable in your region, choose the nearest server out of your region that allows you to access those services.

What are Arresti VPN™ plan and pricing options?
We have plan and pricing options suitable for various needs. Please refer to our Subscription Options for more details.
Does Arresti VPN™ provide a service for businesses?

Yes, Arresti VPN™ offers a tailored service for businesses based on their size and needs through an enquiry. Get in touch with us via the Support page.


Can I share my Arresti VPN™ account with my family members?

Yes, you can share your Arresti VPN™ account on up to 6 devices simultaneously, depending on your plan.

Can I use Arresti VPN™ on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can use Arresti VPN™ on up to 6 devices simultaneously, depending on your plan. Whether you like switching between devices, multitasking or sharing with your loved ones, you can enjoy a full-cover internet security without having to disconnect or log out.

How do I edit my account details?

You can edit your account details like name, email address, phone number or address anytime by going to Account Details from the app menu bar or on your user portal. Once you have edited and saved your changes, you will receive an email from us to verify the changes.

How can I reset my account password?

In case you have forgotten your password or want to change your password for security purposes, you can click on the Forgot Password button from the Login page and follow the instructions.

Does Arresti VPN™ keep users' account details?
Arresti VPN™ has a strict log-free policy. None of your internet activity is or will be stored in our system, ever. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.
How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account via Arresti VPN™ apps, user portal or by contacting our support team via Support Centre. Remember that you need to cancel your subscription first before deleting your account. Otherwise, you will continue to be charged. If you have any concern, talk to us via our Support Centre and we will assist you through it.

How do I change my subscription plan?

You can change your subscription plan through Arresti VPN™ apps, user portal or by contacting our support team via Support Centre. Remember that if your current plan is a yearly plan, you may have been charged for the whole year, so you have to wait until your plan period ends before your new plan begins.

How do I cancel my subscription plan?

You can cancel your subscription plan through Arresti VPN™ apps, user portal or by contacting our support team via Support Centre.

Download and Setup

Do you have installation guides?
Yes, Arresti VPN™ has a range of installation guides that you can access via our installation guides page.
Is Arresti VPN™ available on iOS?

Yes, Arresti VPN™ is available on iOS and you can download the app via App Store or the link on your user portal. If you are using multiple operating systems, Arresti VPN™ apps are also available in Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. What’s better is that you can use your Arresti VPN™ account on up to 5 devices simultaneously, depending on your plan.

Where can I download Arresti VPN™ apps?

To access the full range of our apps, you need an active Arresti VPN™ subscription. Once you are logged in into your user portal, you will see an option to download the apps. However, you can download our mobile apps directly via App Store or Google Play Store without subscription and sign up on the apps.

How can I install and set up Arresti VPN™ on my devices?

We have put together installation and setup guide for each of the operating systems we are available on, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, as well as for routers. You can access these guides on your user portal and follow them step-by-step. If you have a question or encounter any issues during setup process, reach out to our friendly members via Support Centre and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Can I set up Arresti VPN™ on my smart TV or console?

Most Smart TVs and consoles don’t have built-in VPN functionality. However, you can still protect your TV and gaming connection with your router. Once you set up Arresti VPN™ on your router, you can secure every internet-connected entertainment device you own, including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, cast devices and digital media players. For more information on how to set up Arresti VPN™ on router, you can access the installation guide on your user portal. Besides through router, you can also share your VPN connection using your Windows device via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable to your entertainment devices.


How do I troubleshoot Arresti VPN™ connection?

There are several reasons why you may be having trouble connecting or using Arresti VPN™, which can involve account and subscription status, app configuration or network settings. Since every case is different, please contact our support team via Support Centre or live chat for a tailored solution.

Speed and Bandwidth

What is bandwidth and do I have a limited bandwidth on my subscription?

Bandwidth is a network measurement showing the maximum capacity of a wired or wireless communication link to transmit data in a given period of time. In a simple term, it represents your connection speed. With Arresti VPN™, you have unlimited bandwidth on all subscriptions, so you can sit back and enjoy the fastest VPN connection anytime, anywhere.

How do latency, bandwidth and throughput affect internet speed?

Latency is the time required to transmit data through a network. Bandwidth is the maximum capacity of a network to transmit data in a given period of time. Throughput is the amount of data being sent and received within a unit of time. To explain the connection, the less bandwidth you have, the more latency and the less throughput you will get, which in turn will slow down your internet speed. Thankfully with Arresti VPN™, you will get unlimited bandwidth to enjoy.

Can split tunnelling increase my internet speed?

In the case when you feel like your connection is heavier and slower than normal, split tunnelling can relieve that network load by channelling some of your traffic that don’t necessarily require a VPN protection outside of the network while keeping the rest of the traffic inside remain encrypted and private.


How do I add or change a payment method?

You can add or change your payment method through your user portal or the apps.

What payment methods does Arresti VPN™ accept?

We accept a range of payment methods such as credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and WePay. If you have any questions regarding payment, you can talk to us 24/7 via our Support Centre function.

How can I apply a coupon or referral code?

You can only apply a referral code when you first subscribe to Arresti VPN™. Meanwhile, you can apply a coupon code which you may receive during a special event or after referring someone during both sign-up and renewal process. Only one code is applicable at one time. If your code is valid, you will see the discount appearing on your total payment summary.

How do I get a copy of the payment invoices?

You will get a copy of invoice sent to your registered email address whenever a payment is made. Another way to access all of your invoices is by going to your billing history in your user portal or the apps.

Can I get a refund of my payment?

Yes, customer satisfaction is at the centre of everything we do, so if you’re not satisfied with our VPN service, kindly talk to our support team via Support Centre function. We will be more than happy to assist you.