Features and Benefits That You’ll Love

Engineered with expertise, we built Arresti VPN™ for top-notch internet privacy and security, so you can browse, stream, download or access your favourite global services with a peace of mind, knowing your identity and data stay safe.


Reliable Connectivity

Using split multi-tunnel technology and local access proxy servers, you can enjoy the most reliable VPN connection anytime, anywhere.

Fastest VPN

Enjoy browsing, streaming and downloading with fast and stable connection wherever you go because buffering and connection loss are not our thing.

Privacy Protection

Once you connect to one of our servers, your IP address will be replaced with the IP address of the server you chose, so you can rest assured that your Internet Service Provider (ISP), data brokers or anyone can’t identify or track you.

Encryption and Cybersecurity

Arresti VPN™ protects you from a wide range of internet hazards, including preying cybercriminals. With 256-bit encryption technology, your internet activity is safeguarded, so no one can track or hack your data, especially while using public Wi-Fi.

Global Servers

Freely choose any Arresti VPN™ servers all around the world and enjoy the fastest and most reliable global connectivity. Access your favourite global services that may be unavailable in your region securely and anonymously.

Log-Free Policy

We have a strict log-free policy. None of your activity or connection data is or will be stored in our system, ever.

Safe and Easy

We designed Arresti VPN™ with our customers in mind, so we’ve made it as seamless and easy to use as possible. Securing your internet connection shouldn’t be a hassle.

Multi-Device Availability

Easily protect your online privacy and security on all your devices with Arresti VPN™ apps. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, Arresti VPN™ apps are made to ensure that you enjoy the best VPN experience with us.

Dedicated Customer Support

We provide a range of helpful support options for all subscription types. From Email support and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to Live Chat, our experienced team care about providing timely and relevant service to our customers around the world.