Step – 1 Install Arresti VPN

Head to the App store and search “Arresti VPN” and download the application

Step 2 – Login & Sign-up

Now that you have installed the Arresti VPN app, open it to reveal the Login screen. If you’ve created an account and started your subscription on our website, simply enter your details and select “Login”.

If you do not have an Arresti VPN account or subscription, select “Sign-up” to begin your sign-up.

Then follow the prompts to choose the best pricing option for you, create an account, and assign payment details. 

Step 3 – Connect Arresti VPN

Once you’ve successfully logged in to your account, you’ll be brought to the home screen. Select the server options button and choose a location to connect to.

Select the “CONNECT” button to connect to the chosen destination. Some devices will display a “VPN Configurations” dialog confirming that you wish to enable a VPN. Select “Allow”.

The app will then attempt to connect the VPN service. The VPN status is visible towards the top of the screen. Once the VPN is connected, you will see your current Download and Upload speeds.

Step 4 – Disconnect & Logout

To disconnect the VPN service, select the “CONNECTED” button and you will see the status return to “Not Connected”.

To log out of your account, open the sidebar menu and select “Logout”. You will be disconnected from the VPN and returned to the Login page.