Our Brand

Arresti VPN™ is an Australian owned and operated VPN service company, well-known for its reliable service and innovative approach to solving customers’ problems and pain points. Arresti VPN™ prides itself as being a fast and reliable VPN service globally, especially in highly regulated regions such as in the Middle East. As we continue to expand our services and servers to other countries and regions, Arresti VPN™ is your go-to VPN service.

Our Story

Arresti VPN™ was developed from within one of the harshest and most censored countries in the world, inspired from the expatriate need to stay connected with home.

It didn’t take long before the brand gained a steady number of advocates due to its unparalleled reliability and speedy connection. 

Arresti VPN™ is now one of the world’s fastest and most reliable VPN services. We understand the importance of connection, security and reliability when entering districts with unfamiliar laws and regulations.

Arresti VPN™

Arresti VPN™ allows internet users to safeguard their online privacy and security with cutting-edge encryption technology and access services that may be restricted in their region by connecting to high-speed servers all around the world.

Arresti Robot

Arresti VPN™ prides itself as being a reliable VPN service, trusted by customers all around the globe. We believe online experience should be enjoyable, which is why we have engineered Arresti VPN™ unlike any other, to give users a fast, reliable and secure internet connection. Using split multi-tunnel technology and local access proxy servers, users can connect reliably anytime, anywhere. 

Arresti VPN safeguarding your online privacy and security.

Features and Benefits


Reliable Connectivity


High Speeds

User security

Privacy Protection


Encryption and Cybersecurity

Split Tunnelling


No files

Log-Free Policy


Global Servers

Phone and Computer

Multi-Device Availability


24/7 Customer Support

Global Coverage

Arresti VPN™ servers all around the world provide users with the fastest and most reliable global connectivity so users can discover the world from wherever they are.